How Escorts Manage Their Families and Their Jobs

Managing relationships has never been a smooth venture, almost for everyone. However, this is never more true that for escort workers. The research Sex advocacy group and escorts workers education, the stigmatized and criminalized kind of work makes escorts believe in people’s conception of their profession and look down on themselves as deserving abuse and punishment from their family partners. However, escorts have different experiences, below are some escort vibes from escorts who could openly speak about it:

One of them said that ‘I do love and care for my partner and kids so much, although he is not a criminal; he had been raised in an abusive family and part of his life on the streets. When we met each other, I felt a great an intense love for him, because we understood each other, and his humor is like mine. When I talk to him about going to risky areas such as dirty party dances or meeting a sugar daddy, he is concerned about me but believes in my judgment. This gives me a good feeling for him and so much love that he wants good for me, I have two kids, both are in junior school, it’s had to balance the job I do and family issues, but just like any job I usually do my best with the help of my partner” Merissa.

Another one had to say the following, “I have a normal life, accept it or not, if you need to know more about marriage, mine is a perfect one, a job as just a job any other escort will tell you the same. We don’t in any way complicate with customers. We meet them for provision. Nothing more. Sometimes the job doesn’t take physical, it is emotional, but sex is a major part. I do clean, cook, and pleasure my husband, and I’m a great parent but have no good relationship with my mother. I accept to be a sex addict, I love beautiful thighs, but normal though. There are very many persons outside their who cheat just for pleasure, but for me, I fuck just for duty, and my partner is aware’ Anonymous.

Lastly, Joan speaks of hell in relationships; she views all persons as same, with the same negative view about escorts. Having been in various relationships, none of them worked for her. She sites family violence, drug issues, and abusive words leaning on her job when trying to solve problems. However, it’s good for the wider society to realize that not every person chooses to do prostitution. At times it’s the final option; for the male interested in escorts for marriage, it’s good to think twice.

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