It is fun

It does not matter what you say, I still love Ann Summers parties. Some of the girls here at London escorts think that they are really tacky, but I love the company and everything that it represents. I have been a party plan sales advisor for three years, and every party that I do is a unique experience. Yes, working for London escorts is great, but I get a real kick out of being a representative for Ann Summers as well. It earns me some extra money, but more than anything

In many ways I think that Ann Summers parties have contributed to the sexual revolution in the

  1. As a result, I am sure that more women around the UK are experiencing sexual satisfaction, and are much more open minded about things like sex toys. The girls at London escort may run it down a bit, but I do know that the girls buy things from me. Also, quite a few

London escorts at other services have Ann Summers parties. They are enjoyable, and I think that they are a great excuse for a girl’s night.

Yes, we still play silly games. The first time I held an Ann Summers party for the girls at London escorts, they could not believe the silly stuff that we got up to. Pin the Willie on Stan the Man is still the top game, and you don’t have to be drunk to enjoy it. Even the girls at London escort screamed with delights when we played it. The business has evolved and we now have high street shops as well, but there is certainly a strong focus on the parties. They are still the main revenue source of the business, and I think they promote the high street shops.

You don’t earn a fortune as Ann Summers representative, but neither do you have to lay out a load of money. I have always been passionate about home business, and like I say to my friends at London escort, I believe that a lot of these businesses empower women. Alongside my Ann Summers business, I also run an Avon business. The girls at London escorts love Avon, and I do well as a private consultant. Both home working plans earn me an extra £10,000 per year.

Would I ever give up Ann Summers and Avon to concentrate on London escorts? I am not so sure about that. My boss at the London escort service that I work for think that I am slightly nuts doing both, but I keep telling him that I get a real kick out of the business. In many ways I think it makes me a better London escort, I am sort of more enterprising. Game playing is an important part of life, and I have games that I play with my favorite sexy gents at London escort as well, but they do not involve any willy pinning. I am not so sure that my gents would appreciate that at all if you know what I mean….

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