The sexual healing

Is there such a thing as sexual healing? I keep wondering about the concept of sexual healing. Quite often when I make love to somebody, I feel that I have more energy afterwards. Some of my friends here at London escorts of say that they feel exactly the same way, so I suspect it is true. It would be nice if we good explore the concept of sexual healing and find out how it works. I am sure that many people have experienced sexual healing in one of its many forms.


There are so many things that scientists are sceptical about. Up until recently, scientists did not believe in acupuncture at all. Now, acupuncture has more or less become part of mainstream medicine and a lot of people use it. When I hurt my neck in a car rear shunt on my way into London escorts, I went for acupuncture. It was not long before I started to feel a lot better and my treatments from the acupuncturist helped me a lot.


I am also into crystals and I am a great believer in crystal healing. Buying crystals is one of my favorite hobbies, and I spend a huge amount of time online researching crystals. When one of my friends at London escorts say that there is something wrong with one of the, I often dash around to their place with my crystals. It does not always work, and I believe that some people are more receptive to them than others. However, many of my friends here at London escorts now say that they believe in crystal healing.


My favorite natural treatment of all time is aromatherapy. I use it on my dates at London escorts all of the time, and it is certainly very popular with my dates. It is also nice for me, I get a kick out of seeing a tired gent relaxing under my touch. It is a special experience, and often a lot of men like to come around to see me for a treatment. The problem is that so many of us lead stressful lives, and finding relief is not always easy. Aromatherapy can certainly help.


I believe in many forms of natural healing and I know that my colleagues here at London escorts do as well. Natural healing methods are so much better for you than conventional medicine. Yes, it is easy to pop a pill when you have a headache but there are other ways to treat that headache as well. If you rub the place between your thumb and your forefinger, you can clear up a headache within minutes. It is called the a point, and this is the correct point for treating a  headache. I am sure that we could all benefit from a little bit of natural and sexual healing from time to time. It does make us feel better about ourselves, and many natural healing methods are easy to incorporate in a modern day lifestyle.

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